Woh-Men Empowerment

When it comes to safety of women Bangalore is no better than national capital,What happened on Saturday eve of new year is the final confirmation of the same, despite having elaborate security arrangements and having 1500 police men on duty around.

It is heart Wrenching to even think about these women have made to go through being molested by a mob.What should we call them perverts or misogynists or FIENDS? This incident is sheer case of law,order and upbringing failure in major way. It is even more shameful that there are few male chauvinistic pigs who came out in support for those moron,and actually sounds more like whore men empowerment volunteers.

Woman empowerment is not just about respecting your own sister/mother,providing reserved seats in public transport but about the wider appreciation for her efforts and participation to make this world a better place. We must not forget, woman is integral part of society, she has active social life and no longer lags behind the  man in any field But still Woman is unsafe in womb or on streets . So lets make a better place for her to be in at least before being empowered.

India and we the people aim to be a superpower ,before that we must know and acknowledge the same with our behavior  that India is independent democratic country where each individual is been given right to make his own perspective choices and if you get offended by it, its solely your problem . We talk about going digital, aim to be superpower globally but struggle to get issues  like domestic violence,poverty,molestation, sexual harassment,equal rights corrected locally.

Molestation is a crime and these jerks need to understand that no one needs it;no one asks for it and no one deserves it and also some where it is ruining the image of the country ,values India is not being infamous for. These culprits need to be stoned and hunted down in public.

I always have believed in rationality over faith and values,so the society that has always given special treatment to boys for being ‘GHAR KA CHIRAAG’; its high time you change it as the same Chiraag is about to burn it all.  Lets all be rational and allow the acceptable space to men women that they wish to be in than just empowering woh(those) men who are good for nothing.lets  OWE respect , Earn respect.

And special request to all the STUDS out there, dont do a thing that put your Rakhi and her Womb to a shame. This world is full of guys , Be a Man.

Learn Self Defence , Take Care.

Thank you!!






TOLERANT- are we or dont want to be?


so much is been said and spoken about, now even i think my opinion should also be spoken out loud and clear.

Diplomatically framed title give clear idea about my Ideas.

Tolerance is basically a ability of being broad mindedness ,

thats where it is clear that the every INDIAN is not TOLERANT.

now the question is that are we intolerant?


the current scenario of the society is that every one pre conceived with a mindset, and if a opinion of someone else irrespective of any religion

does not match to him, he tend to abuse and disrespect his opinions,

thats where everything go wrong. Its just that we consider our opinion

as the only valid one.


Recently two of the superstars from film industry have spoken about the terror that intolerance can cause. Have you ever thought of it before rising your opinion against them?

Our constitution gave us right to spoke about what we feel so the why i am doing it.

Everyone should have SOME opinion not necessarily SAME but at the cost of what?

If two sensible people who have contributed to the country , more than

those who are speaking against them collectively, should be respected.

Opinion might differ from person to person but when you have choice

to choose wisely  then why to be in hurry ,atleast try to hear the person out before you pass your judgement.


One thing i know that religious intolerance will never ever let us grow in any way. In my opinion PATRIOTISM and religion has no connection as even some of the people even consider NATHURAM GODASE as a patriot. I mean WTF?

Is that a country you wished to be part of where your feelings have no weightage but a certain AGENDA has and more scary is that when such HYPOCRITE organization has thousand of people supporting it ? This is not less than any terror. There are thousands of great stories to tell about our nation, but feel ashamed when something like this

takes the cream in all discussions. still we love our NATION.


All such stories goes viral on social platform the moment they are out, and you can see

thousands of people talking in favour or against by just going through a simple statement

and without bothering about the reason behind such statement, everyone get busy in

expressing their views,abusing the victim and protesting.

If you go though the story and anylaze the story and then you express your views then

i consider it as opinion. Just because some else is having a opinion not necesarily means

you also should have a same opinion.


In midst of all this the one who has to suffer is one who raise his voice against it.

I admit while raising your opinion one has to choose his words wisely , which

should not seem as a nasty comment spoken in anger and given a FREEDOM OF SPEECH

as a platform.


When you a support a political party , you extend your support to the idology .

If in case you support a polotical party in elections does not mean you have to support

them unconditionally , even in extreme cases you should have your view as you also can

be one of those victims in future.


If you defend on a point that you are not INTOLERANT , to those who are saying this

i am saying you are not TOLERANT either to listen to somebody and respecting his view.

but at the end you should think wisely that is some external energy is forcing us to be

intolerant ? if it is , its your time to give back & those who want to defend being tolerant , guys

GET A LIFE, you need to grow up fast hope bournvita helps.



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